8th Grade Homework

8th Grade Social Studies  Current assignments above line.  Running list below. 
1/18 How does geography affect your life?

1/14 What question and answer did you find most interesting in today's preliminary round of the Geo Bee?

1/10 Review the early political parties chart to ready yourself for the family feud.

1/7 Use feedback to revise your journal work.

12/18 Debrief the Day Without Rights simulation. Due Thursday
  1. Briefly summarize the document that protects the freedoms and rights of every American (Bill of Rights)
  2. Give an overview of the Day Without Rights simulation.
    • Who was involved? When? Why? How
    • What specific rights were denied to you? Give examples
  3. In what ways did the simulation shift your understanding of the role the Bill of Rights plays in your daily life?
  4. What would it be like to live in a world where basic civil rights were non-existent?
12/17 Day Without Rights tomorrow.  Wear blue jeans, plain white shirt, sneakers.  No cosmetics or accessories. 
Read the news article.  Explain (in writing) which right(s) is/are being challenged and which amendment protects that civil right.

12/11 Tell someone several reasons Eleanor Roosevelt is notable.

12/10  Complete the Bill of Rights identification sheet.  Begin work on the TOP TEN REASONS CT SHOULD BAN SINGLE USE BAGS doc. 

12/7 Discuss the constitutional case studies we examined in class.  How can we best balance individual rights and the "greater good"?
Make sure your household knows about the changes in Thursday's field trip.

12/4  Ask an adult in charge to sign your Hyde Park permission slip and the "Day Without Rights" simulation slip if you have not already. Which amendments do you think are most important?

11/30  Discuss the "Day Without Rights" simulation with a grown-up in charge.  Return the doubly signed permission slip.

11/29 Read the news article. In writing, identify the branch of government which had its power checked, how, and which branch did the checking. Include the level of government and a the gist of the story. 

11/28 Look for examples of the system of checks and balances in the news.

11/19 Open the newspapers to a page with an article on President Trump. Skim article to get the gist.

11/8 Share your plastic bag ban lobbying letter with me in time for me to read it and give you feedback so that you can submit a letter ready to mail on Wednesday 

11/6 Who will win the election?

11/2 Reflect on your preparation and performance on today's assessment.  What steps did you take to meet with success? What targets were challenging?  What next steps will you take?

10/26 Assessment on branches and levels of government November 2.  Use your journal and digital links to practice, practice, practice.

10/23 Tell someone at home the basic steps in passing a law.

10/16 Gather props, digital and hard copy visuals for your section of the music video.
10/16 Come to class ready to complete your explanatory summary of the Great Compromise.

10/10 Can you chart the levels and branches of government?

10/5 Gather any props, digital images or clips you may need to produce our Preamble Rap.   Tell

CONTEST OPTION.  Visit the Veterans of Foreign War website for information on the patriotism essay.

10/3 Read, code and identify which powers have given the states the right to pass various laws. Due Thursday

10/1 Tell someone at home how the authors of the Constitution divided political power.

9/25 Read, code and respond the the plastic bag ban editorial. Due Thursday.  Find a red, white or blue shirt you'd like to stencil for our music video. Ask about material for our footprint sign.

9/18 Use the feedback you
received today to guide your
preparation for the summative assessment on the Preamble to the Constitution​ this Friday.

9/7 Reread our class notes on plastic bags: environmental impact and bans.  Optional: memorize the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution.