7th Grade Homework

7th Grade
All Mexican state project materials should be in a final, published state by Friday 20. (10/16)
Correct all assessment items on which you did not meet secure proficiency by Thursday (10/17)

Mexican state script and recipe due Friday 13. Complete review crossword and use learning targets study guide to prepare for Monday's assessment on contemporary Mexico. (10/12)

Come prepared to work on the script for your Mexican State presentation. (9/29)

Complete your Mexican state research notes by Wednesday.  Be sure to provide information and your citations for all research topics. (9/25)

Use the Note Catcher to guide your research on your Mexican state. (9/19)

Describe your Mexican state research project to one of the grown-ups you live with.  Tell about the information you need to learn and the possible means of sharing your knowledge with your peers. (9/18)

Share your performance on the Middle America map assessment with someone at home.  Kudos to you all!!!  Tell a parent about your decision to research a Mexican state. (9/15)

Use your point and say map, learning links, and making mental maps to prepare for your Middle America map assessment on 9/14

How many Americans can tell you the names of Mexico's states? (9/12)

Tell someone how the canal builders were able to raise large boats up and over the highlands of Panama.(9/7)

Tell someone about the mnemonic device you learned to remember the nations of Middle America. (8/31)

Tell someone the difference between physical and political features on a map.(8/29)