5th and 6th Grade Homwork

5/6 Grades‚Äč
Enjoy your half day.
Use tonight to revisit Learning Targets that posed a challenge for you on the assessment you will finish Wednesday.  Lucky you: One more night to review. (10/17)

Complete review crossword puzzle by Monday. (10/12)

Use the study guide we reviewed in class to prepare for your assessment on contemporary life, society and challenges in Mexico on Monday 16. (10/11)

Use your journal as a study tool to prepare for the Oct. 12 assessment on life in contemporary Mexico including: border states, regions and the economy.

Review our new vocabulary: smog, slum, population density, urban. (9/27)

Complete the notes circle for Greater Mexico City.  Tell someone why the southern region has recently suffered from two major earthquakes. (9/26)

How is Central Mexico different from Southern or Northern Mexico?  How is it similar? (9/25)

Tell someone at home what subsistence farming is and in which region of Mexico it is largely practiced. (9/20)

Tell someone at home what maquiladoras are and where they can be found. (9/19)

Show your Mexican Map assessment to one of the grown-ups you live with and celebrate your learning. (9/18)

What are the 6 Mexican states that border the U.S.A.?  (9/14)

How many Americans can tell you the names of Mexico's states? (9/12)

Use your point and say map, learning links, and making mental maps to prepare for your Middle America map assessment on 9/14

Tell someone how the canal builders were able to raise large boats up and over the highlands of Panama.(9/6)

Color the 8 countries of Middle America 8 distinct colors. (9/5)

Tell someone about the mnemonic device you learned to remember the nations of Middle America. (8/31)

Tell someone why you took a pre-test today. (8/29)