8th Grade Math Homework

Unit Work Due on Thursday January 28th - Test Friday January 29th!

Learning Target

I can simplifying expressions by combining like terms

(applying knowledge of geometry)

I can simplifying expressions using distributive property

I can solving equations in one variable (including multi-step and variables on both sides)

Evidence #1

Khan Academy

  • Equation practice with segment addition

  • Equation practice with angle addition

  • Multi-step equations with distribution

    • Equations with variables on both sides

    • 2 step equations

    Evidence #2

    Problem set

    Solving equations with distribution

    Solving equations with variables on both side

    Evidence #3

    Unit Test

    Learning Target

    I can make equivalent equations (applying knowledge of geometry)

    I can writing linear equations for various situations

    I can determine whether a number is a solution to a linear equation and can identify the number of solutions to a linear equation

    Evidence #1

    Khan Academy

    • Equation practice with mid-points

    • Equation practice with vertical angles

  • Age Word Problems

  • Sum of consecutive integers

  • Linear equations with one zero or infinite solutions

  • Evidence #2

    Problem set

    Writing and solving equations with angles

    Bonus: Rewrite equations

    Writing equations using symbols

    Linear vs non-linear expressions

    Evaluating linear expressions

    Classification of solutions

    Evidence #3

    Unit Test