Brooker Memorial Dental Clinic

Brooker Memorial’s Children’s Dental Clinic @ LHK to be held during the last two weeks in March. 

Through a partnership of the schools, The Foundation for Community Health in Sharon and The Maria Seymour Brooker Memorial, Inc. in Torrington, children in grades K-8 will be offered free dental examinations, cleanings, and fluoride treatments. This is great opportunity and a few schools in our district have already benefited from their participation. If it is determined that your child needs sealants to molars with deep grooves to prevent cavities, they will schedule another appointment for that additional treatment. A note will also be attached to the report form that the hygienist mails after your child’s visit if an additional visit to the dentist is needed. The goal of the program is to enable families to obtain dental care for their children and to make it easier for families who travel out of town for dental care.