7th Grade Homework

7th Grade  Current assignments above line.  Running list below. Date assigned noted in parenthesis. 
Postcard from Egypt due Thursday. (5/21)
Tell someone about the international students you met this week and something you learned about their homelands. (5/18)

Political Map assessment Middle East Thursday. (5/10)

Use the learning links to begin your quest to learn the physical features and political units of Southwest Asia.  Share our research about plastic bags with others. (4/27)

Complete your note summaries for the Plastic Bag Impact Research. (5/7)

Tomorrow's presenters should practice today. Latin America Map Post Test Friday. Use point and say maps, and digital review to prepare. (4/23)

All script updates and presentation revisions are due this week.  We are on next Thursday!!!! (4/3)

Continue the committee work your group is tasked to complete to achieve the Earth Day plans the class has designed. (3/12)

Share update to script/slides by Monday. (3/29)

Political Map South America test on March 29. (3/23)

Color each country of South America a different color. 

Use the various human resources in your life to continue brainstorming our possible Earth Day global warming/sustainable practices share out. (3/6)

How will you demonstrate mastery of the six main learning targets on climate change and stewardship?  How will your class inform others? What action(s) will you take? (3/5)

You learned a lot about eco-bloopers in our daily lives.  What actions will you take as an individual?  What changes will you encourage for your family? Your community? (2/12)

What is the albedo effect?  Why should we care? (2/9)

What is climate change? What causes it? What are its effects? (2/5)

Complete your explanation and labeled illustration of the greenhouse effect, both natural and human intensified. (2/8)

You heard a variety of stories about how global warming is impacting people across the globe.  Share what you learned with someone at home.(2-2)

Prepare for the Climate Change Tea Party by re-reading your character notes and assembling a bit of a costume. (2/1)

Complete the Human Population Growth chart. Plot the data, then color graph. (1/25)

What is the true cost of your favorite food?  How are you connected to other people and places through your consumer choices? (1/23)

Tell someone at home about your successful strategies in today's game about finite resource consumption, and the history of human population growth.  How are these two topics connected? (1/22) 

Which study strategies did you use to prepare for Friday's quiz on the factors that affect climate? How prepared were you to do your best?  (1/19)

Use study strategies that work for you to prepare for Friday's quiz on the factors that affect climate. (1/16)

Give a grown-up at home a tour of your journal. (1/12)  
Review the 6 factors we identified that affect climate. (1/11)
What is the U.S. relationship with Puerto Rico?

West Indies map assessment on December 21.  Use your point and say map, mental map practice, and the learning links to study.

Tell someone about the role the Gulf Stream plays on global climate. (12/15)

What is the climate of the West Indies? What makes it so? (12/12)

Mexican American War opinion piece  revisions due THURSDAY 14. 

What did you learn about improving the quality of work you produce today using the checklist provided for your paragraph revision? .  (12/7)

Tell someone at home some of the amazing facts you learned through your participation in the preliminary rounds of the National Geographic Bee. (12/5)

Use the feedback your peer(s) provided to make final revisions on your paragraph. Complete checklist comments. (12/4)

Review, revise and edit your paragraph(s) response regarding the decision to go to war with Mexico using the checklist as a guide. Peer Review Monday. (12/1)

Make a decision on the question: Was the U.S. justified in declaring war on Mexico? Come to class with your strongest evidence and reasoning in mind to plan and write your response.

What new perspectives on the Mexican American War did you discover at our tea party ?  (11/21)

Prepare for tomorrow's "tea party" conversations about the Mexican American War. (11/20)

Why did Congress declare war on Mexico in 1845?  Was this decision justified? (11/17)

Create a political cartoon highlighting immigration issues at the US/Mexican border 1820s-1830s. (11/14)

Be ready to share the factors that caused conflict between Anglo settlers and the Mexican government. (11/13)

Ask others their responses to the question: "When, if ever, is war justified?" (11/7) 

Ask others what they think are the main issues, opportunities and challenges in US/Mexican relations today. (11/6)

What 3 European countries controlled much of the Americas by 1700? (11/2)

Ask a parent to show you the photos I emailed to them today!  Tell them about our lovely luncheon. (10/27)

Cook or bake your dish for the Mexican potluck. Create the ID plate for the dish and its main ingredients. Make revisions to your slides and script. PRACTICE!! (10/26)

Use the feedback you were given and the presentation tips you heard today to revise your presentation. Practice your presentation aloud. Be sure the adults in your house are ready to assist you with your contribution to the Mexican luncheon this Friday.  (10/24)

Practice your presentation aloud.Ask someone at home for specific feedback on what they learned and are left to wonder. (10/23)

All Mexican state project materials should be in a final, published state by Friday 20. (10/16)

Correct all assessment items on which you did not meet secure proficiency by Thursday (10/17)

Mexican state script and recipe due Friday 13. Complete review crossword and use learning targets study guide to prepare for Monday's assessment on contemporary Mexico. (10/12)

Come prepared to work on the script for your Mexican State presentation. (9/29)

Complete your Mexican state research notes by Wednesday.  Be sure to provide information and your citations for all research topics. (9/25)

Use the Note Catcher to guide your research on your Mexican state. (9/19)

Describe your Mexican state research project to one of the grown-ups you live with.  Tell about the information you need to learn and the possible means of sharing your knowledge with your peers. (9/18)

Share your performance on the Middle America map assessment with someone at home.  Kudos to you all!!!  Tell a parent about your decision to research a Mexican state. (9/15)

Use your point and say map, learning links, and making mental maps to prepare for your Middle America map assessment on 9/14

How many Americans can tell you the names of Mexico's states? (9/12)

Tell someone how the canal builders were able to raise large boats up and over the highlands of Panama.(9/7)

Tell someone about the mnemonic device you learned to remember the nations of Middle America. (8/31)

Tell someone the difference between physical and political features on a map.(8/29)