Language Arts

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Language Arts

Reading:  A literature based reading program allows students experience with fiction and nonfiction writing including biographical works. Readings are done frequently in class and children are also required to read at home. Third and fourth graders should be reading regularly at home. This habit is one of the most important on the road to becoming a lifelong learner. At least 15 minutes should be spent reading for pleasure 5 times a week. It is also important for children to read aloud and to discuss their readings. The positive support parents give will be a tremendous help to their child. Check out some of the literature sites for good book ideas. All students are involved in a structured reading group and are also read to at school on a frequent basis.  

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The Empowering Writers, EngageNY  and Columbia Writing strategies are  used to teach writing.  Children engage in many different types of writing and write often in class.

Many writing lessons begin with a mini-lesson on published works. This lesson gives information about gathering ideas, revising, editing and publishing. Students write in their personal notebooks during school and at home. Vocabulary is an important component of the Language Arts program.  Students are also working on decoding and encoding during the Words Their Way section of the day.