Ms. Amy Lake

Units of Study
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8th Grade
"And to the Republic"
Founding Documents: Declaration of Independence
Reconstruction Policies, Practices, Legacy
Causes of the United States Civil War Economic, Political, Moral Slavery, Sectionalism, Sovereignty
Current Events and Their Historic Roots
Historic Roots of Racism in America Confederate Monuments NFL Anthem Protests Charlottesville, VA
7th Grade Climate Change Sustainable Practices Global Warming Population Growth Latin America South America Geographic Features Andes Amazon West Indies: Geographic Features Puerto Rico Mexican American War Spanish Conquest Pre-Columbian Civilizations Contemporary Mexico (State Research Project)
Middle America Geographic Features
5th/6th Grades
Latin America South America Geographic Features Andes and Amazon West Indies Cuba Puerto Rico Geographic Features Columbian Exchange Spanish Conquest Pre-Columbian Civilizations (5th grade research) Contemporary Mexico Middle America Geographic Features