Science Links

Animal Adaptations
Learn about adaptations that help animals sense the world.

Animal Planet
Discovery Channel site for everything about animals

Build a Prairie
Choose the right plants and animals and watch the prairie come alive before your eyes!

Chem 4 Kids
Chemistry site for young and middle school students

Chemical Elements
An interactive periodic table

Chemistry Data
Quick reference for chemistry and the elements

Creature World
Discover a world of animal adaptations

Desert USA
Desert environment, minerals and geology index

Food Chains

Geological History of Connecticut

How Does the Human Eye Work
Learn about the human eye and how it is similar to a camera

How to Help a Parent Quit Smoking
Helpful hints from the University of Iowa to help a parent to quit smoking

Nutrition Information
Look up nutritional information on foods you eat

Science and technology information about the ocean

Rainforest Action Network
Kid's corner

The Rock Cycle
Learn about the rock cycle from the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research.

Simple Machines 1
Pieces of Science-Online Museum Educators

Simple Machines 2

Inquiry Almanac

Simple Machines 3
Simple Machines Learning Site

What's it like Where You Live
Biomes of the world